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  • What is a Kubotan?

    The Kubotan is a self-defense weapon designed by Takayuki Kubota in the 1960’s. He was a Japanese Karate Master.

    A Kubotan averages about 5 ½- 6inches long and about ½ inches in diameter. It is usually made of hard plastic, steel or aluminum. Originally it was a small wooden bamboo weapon called a “hashi stick”.

    Female officers were trained to use it and it was effective with uncooperative suspects. It even has the nickname “instrument of attitude adjustment”.

    The keychain weapon is intended to inflict pain by producing blows targeting pressure points, bony areas closest to the skin as well as fleshy areas.

    Examples of its use in self-defense are:

    • Clench it in your fist to pack a hammer punch
    • Clench it in your hand and press it against the spine to subdue an attacker
    • Target bony areas such as the fingers, knuckles, shins, temples and ribs, top of the feet or bridge of the nose to inflict pain
    • Grab it as an ice pick and use it in the fleshy areas to stab your attacker in the eyes, neck, leg, jaw, stomach or groin
    • Or simply flail it around and use your keys as a weapon.


    Practice with your Kubotan at home so you are comfortable holding and using it.

    It should also be mentioned it can be used to break glass in an emergency situation as well.

    For more self-defense techniques with this weapon click here.




  • Safety Trackers for Family

    Safety Trackers  are not a suggestion to neglect your responsibility of keeping an eye on your loved one. They are used as an added security of keeping your loved ones safe.

    They are not only used for children either. Safety Trackers can be used to keep track of your child, elderly loved ones, pet, phone, laptop or keys. Just about anyone or anything that is very important to you!

    We have all had the gut-wrenching feeling of turning around to find that our loved one is nowhere in sight whether it be in the backyard, on the playground, in a store or busy street or some other location.

    Safety Trackers can be used for children, teens and even our elder loved ones suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer's.



    The Wireless Child Leash comes in Yellow and Black or Pink and Black. It has a two way alarm so that your child or loved one can press one button to alert you if they are lost or in trouble. When the Wireless Child Leash wristband goes outside of the set distance the alarm will alert you wirelessly and sound an alarm on your phone. Use it to keep track of your child, elderly loved ones or pet.  

    The alarm can easily be removed from the wrist band to be used on other important items such as your phone, laptop or keys. The easy to use app for IOS or Android makes it very easy to operate. The IOS app will support up to 4 units at one time. The Android app will support 1 unit at a time. It has a range of 10 to 100 feet in open areas. This will be less with objects or walls in between.

    The battery can last up to 6 months on standby. Easy to operate and connect offering a safe way to keep track of the priceless things in your life.

    Use the Safety Tracker for anyone or anything that is important to you!


  • Bear Spray Effectiveness

    Is Bear Spray effective???

    Bear spray is a very effective deterrent when used properly. In a 2008 review of bear attacks in Alaska from 1985–2006, Smith et al. found that bear spray stopped a bear's "undesirable behavior" in 92% of cases. Further, 98% of persons using bear spray in close-range encounters escaped uninjured.

    Bear spray on a bear is not that different than Pepper Spray you would use on an attacker. They are both meant for the same purpose except Bear Spray is designed to travel farther and effect a larger area. You want to stop the bear well before it gets close to you.

    Bear spray is most effective if you hit the bear in the face. This will effect its eyes, nose and lungs. They will have an instant burning sensation that will most likely cause an instant retreat. The intensity of the burn will cause the mucous membranes to swell and may cause temporary blindness and breathing problems. This is your opportunity to be long gone before these temporary side effects subside.

    Guard Alaska Bear Spray is an  ultra hot pepper spray and has proven so effective repelling bears. It is the only one registered with the EPA as a repellent for all species of bear!

    It is absolutely the most effective and powerful bear defense spray available today. It is environmentally safe! Does not contain flammable or ozone depleting substances.

    The Guard Alaska® has no expatriation date. It works on wet bears because the specific gravity of the carrier is heavier than water.

    The formula is scientifically proven superior, and endorsed by the Alaska Science & Technology Foundation.

    Bear attacks can happen for a number of reasons. Bears feel defensive when you startle them on come up on them too quickly; especially if it is a Mama bear with her young.

    When traveling in bear country always be aware and make sure you have Bear spray holstered to you in case of a confrontation. Most likely you will escape with all of your limbs and the bear will not suffer any permanent damage.

    Click here for more info.




  • Do Dog Repellents Work?

    Dog Repellents are a safe effective way to deter aggressive dogs whether you are a walker, jogger, cyclist or delivery person.

    It is available to use in two ways.

    The Mace Canine Repellent Spray. It is an EPA approved Mace® Muzzle and provides safe, effective and humane protection against a canine attack. It sprays up to 10 feet.

    Effect spray dog repellents usually contain capsaicin, the ingredient in chili peppers that can cause burning eyes. When sprayed on an aggressive dog, it will cause the dog’s eyes to burn, and the dog will almost always be repelled. While painful to the dog, it will not cause injury,

    If you do not prefer spray there is the Electronic Dog Repeller. It  uses the latest ultrasonic technology, the Super Dog Chaser uses two ways to repel a dog.

    • One is the discomforting but not harmful high frequency sound (20,000Hz-25,000Hz), audible to dogs but not to humans.
    • And, the second is a super bright LED flashing strobe that temporarily blinds and confuses the dog.  The Dog Repeller helps stop the approach of unwanted dogs up to 40 feet.

    The Electronic Dog Repeller are recommended not only for people who’s jobs or other activities may put them in harm’s way of aggressive dogs, but also for dog owners, who want to train their dogs away from certain areas of their property, or from other undesirable behavior, such as incessant barking or jumping on furniture. Many dogs are quick to learn from this negative reinforcement, and will learn habits such as where to lay down and where to relieve themselves, where they won’t be subjected to what they thinks is an awful noise.



  • How can I defend myself without getting close to my attacker?

    Many conversations of how to defend oneself always includes someone voicing they do not want to get close to their attacker. The question is asked " How can I defend myself without getting close to my attacker?"

    I have a simple, affordable, easy to use solution!

    May I introduce to you (drum role please).... The Mace Pepper Gun!

    The following models available:

    1. Mace rand Pepper Gun 2.0: It provides defense distance with easy and convenient point and shoot accuracy. This Pepper Gun delivers a powerful stream of OC pepper spray up to 20ft away and from any angle. It can be refilled with easy to load cartridges. It features a Dual Mode LED light to distract your attacker as well as help you aim at your target, Engage the trigger once for a steady light. Engage the trigger a second time for pulsating LED strobe, Included with the gun are an OC pepper spray cartridge, a Water practice cartridge and batteries. The gun has a Picatinny rail which allows you to attach accessories.
    2.  Mace Pepper Gun Silver: This gun allows to pepper spray to spray in aerosol fashion. It will spray from any angle including upside down up to 25 feet! The trigger activated LED light provides better aim and temporary disorients your attacker. Included is the unit, one OC cartridge, one water test cartridge and batteries (required for LED light).
    3.  Mace Pepper Gun Black Matte: This Pepper gun has all the features as the Silver but available in Matte Black color.
    4. Mace Pepper Gun Pink: This Pepper gun has all the features of the Silver and Black Matte but Pink in color.
  • Elderly Abuse Caught on Hidden Camera!

    In March of 2017 a hidden camera captured a 93 year old Grandmother being abused in a nursing  home. She has dementia and doesn't weigh much more than 100lbs.   She is being tossed around and pulled by the hair not only by one but TWO caregivers employed at the nursing home. Fortunately the Grandmothers family suspected something was wrong and placed a hidden camera in her room. The video captures the Grandmother trying to defend herself from the workers abuse as they toss her into her wheelchair. The Grandmother struggles to main her balance. She tells them to get away from her. One of the workers shows the Grandmother her fist. Seconds later the other aide grabs her hair from behind and yanks her head around.  Fortunately with video evidence from the hidden camera the family notified the police and the two abusers were arrested and fired from the facility. The family felt helpless and sad that they were not there when the abuse occurred. They said they have lost sleep from those images. But they were smart enough to take action so they should feel proud of themselves. Their action caught the abuse and led to an arrest.

    The above case is just one example of a terrifying over looked problem world wide. In the U.S. alone, more than half a million reports of abuse against elderly Americans reach authorities every year while millions of more cases go unreported.

    The U.S. Administration on Aging defines elder abuse as any knowing, intentional or negligent act by a caregiver or any other person that causes harm or a serious risk of harm to a vulnerable adult.

    Many seniors around the world are being abused: harmed in some substantial way often by people who are directly responsible for their care. Elder abuse tends to take place where the senior lives. Sadly the abuser can be a family member or spouse or occur in an institutional setting, especially long term care facilities.

    As elders become more physically frail, they’re less able to stand up to bullying and or fight back if attacked. They may not see or hear as well or think as clearly as they used to, leaving them vulnerable to be taken advantage of. Mental or physical ailments may make them more trying companions for the people who live with them.

    There are a variety of hidden cameras offered. Help stop elderly abuse.

    Look for the following signs:

    • Unexplained burns, cuts, bruises and bleeding
    • Sprained or broken bones
    • Recurring injuries that happen over and over
    • The person does not want to see a doctor about his/her wounds

    If you suspect elder abuse try talking to the person you suspect is being abused. Install a hidden camera to confirm your suspicions. Take the person to his/her doctor and inform them of your suspicions. Notify Social Services and the local police department.

    Be Alert , Be Informed,  Be Aware of this worldwide problem.

    I hope this article finds those who need it.


  • What Can Teenagers Carry for Protection?

    There are many Self Protection products out there but most are not recommended for anyone under the age of eighteen. It is important now more than ever that teenagers have a form of self defense should the situation arise.

    First of all it is important to have a lengthy conversation with your teenager about the importance of self defense but also the responsibility that comes with it. Each persons maturity level differs as well as their temperament so that is important as well when having a discussion about defending ones self.

    The less mature teenager may be "giggly" and want to brag or "show off" their self defense weapon. This is the person you want to educate and spend a lot of time preparing. A self defense weapon should be used for only that. Using a self defense weapon for play or a menacing or bullying situation could lead to serious legal ramifications.

    The more mature teenager will carry their self defense tool with no one knowing any the wiser. They will understand and be aware of their surroundings and ready to act should they be put in a position too.

    It is also important to choose wisely especially when on school grounds. Most schools are very strict and want to avoid the liability of an incident as well as protect the safety of each student.

    I am asked the question often What can I carry as a minor?  What can I buy for my teenage son or daughter?

    Here are my recommendations:

    A Fur Ball Buzzer: It is stylish and disguised. You can carry it on your wrist, purse, book bag, luggage or keychain. You pull the pin and it activates a 100db alarm to draw attention to your area, It is available in Purple, Pink or White.

    Along with a Personal Alarm I would also recommend a Kubotan. It is made of aircraft aluminum and is essentially what I call a "stab and jab" tool to get the assailant away from you should they make contact with you. Or arm yourself with the sneaky little Heart Attack Key Chain. You can stab or jab, smack the bony parts close to the skin, apply pressure to pressure points etc... Whatever it takes to create distance and Run!

    There are other versions of personal alarms such as the Lipstick alarm Black or Lipstick alarm Pink. They are discreet and activates a 90db alarm simply by pulling up on the lipstick cap. To disable the alarm push the cap back down. There is a keychain alarm with flashlight in Black or Pink. The ear piercing 120db alarm is easily activated sending your aggressor running!

    There are combs that pull apart with hidden knives though I would not recommend carrying these to school. You may also want to check your City/County/State for the legality since it varies State to State. They are offered with metal knives inside or plastic.

    The 500 lumen rechargeable flashlight works well. It gives you a lot of lighting distance as well as offers the blinding strobe mode.

    Visit our website to review the many options available. Give yourself or a loved one peace of mind and confidence knowing they safe and protected.

  • The Red Hot Effects of Wildfire Pepper Spray

    Wildfire Pepper Spray is a natural substance produced from concentrated red peppers. Wildfire is 18% Oleo Resin Capsicum (pepper). What makes this product so effective is the purity of the pepper used in formulating this product...only food grade 3 million or 4 million scoville heat units pepper used. The Wildfire 18% formula is one of the hottest, and more importantly, the fastest reacting spray we've ever tested. It is hot, hot, hot!

    It is an inflammatory agent that upon contact can cause several reactions. Many of the following can occur:

    • The mucus membranes of the eyes, nose and throat will become inflamed and swollen
    • They eyes will involuntarily close, tear up, have pain and in some cases cause temporary blindness
    • There will most likely be nasal and sinus discharge
    • Feeling of loss of breath, coughing and/or choking sensation
    • Burning sensation or redness of the skin
    • Feeling of overcome with fear, anxiety or panic
    • Pain

    Because of the inflammatory principles of Wildfire pepper spray it will be most effective to those who cannot feel pain such as individuals who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the emotionally disturbed and aggressive mentally ill. Even those individuals goal oriented to attempt to rob, rape or assault.

    Pepper Spray has been proven to be very effective against animals as well as it has the same active ingredient as bear spray.

    The effects should effectively debilitate for 30-40 minutes and in some cases up to 60 minutes. It is not easily washed off and some require medical attention.

    Law enforcement and other agencies WORLDWIDE rely and trust this product.

    Pepper Spray can be used by Men and Women of all ages. It’s a nonlethal solution to protecting yourself yet still extremely effective. There will always be controversy concerning any type of self-defense but your safety should always come first.

  • How Tasers Work

    A Taser is a very effective weapon. It is very intimidating discharging approximately 50,000 volts of electricity reaching the assailant within a 15 foot distance.

    Tasers will incapacitate, not just cause pain compliance, and are thus preferred by some law enforcement over non-Taser stun guns and other electronic control weapons.

    Tasers were introduced as non-lethal weapons for police to use to subdue fleeing, belligerent, or potentially dangerous people, who would have otherwise been subjected to more lethal weapons such as firearms. A 2009 Police Executive Research Forum study said that officer injuries drop by 76% when a Taser is used.[8] However, while then-Taser International CEO Rick Smith has stated that police surveys show that the device has saved 75,000 lives.

    They leave "bee sting" like marks on the body and can cause bleeding would from the probes that fly out of the device and into the intended target.

    Tasers are powerful enough to disable a person immediately. It overrides the central nervous system causing loss of control of body function. The electricity prevents the brain from controlling the body by use of electronic pulses. The pulses cause the body to contract uncontrollably.  Just 5 seconds of current running thru the body can disable any movement. Your assailant can only focus on the pain which causes the body to tense and arch the back. This reaction causes the subject to collapse and become disabled for a few minutes giving you time to escape to safety.



  • Steel Baton Self Defense

    Steel Batons are easy to carry weapons. They can be concealed easily beside you in a vehicle, carried on your side or fits nicely in your boot.

    They are a collapsible baton that is easily hidden yet quickly extendable with the flick of a wrist.

    Steel batons can be used both in an offensive and defensive situations.

    To use this self-defense weapon effectively it is best to practice different techniques you would need in a real world situation. Some choose to seek professional training. For examples of self defense techniques watch this short video.

    Steel batons are telescopic and expand to 16”, 21” or 26”. It has a locking system that will not collapse when you need it extended. It has a comfortable handle for easy grip. It closes by simply striking down on a solid surface. An LED light or glass breaker tip is an option to add on the tip if preferred.

    Most Law enforcement and Security officers across the United States rely on Steel Batons as a source of protection. If you are looking for self-defense with extra reach the Steel Baton provides it.

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